About Us

What We Do

At GGS Property Group we are an experienced property sourcing agency devoting time towards finding our investors great deals.
Specialising in Rent 2 serviced accommodation properties and HMOs.

We also offer a bespoke service in which we source specific investment properties for our clients.

What to expect when you're on our investors list?

If you sign up to our property mailing list, you will get our investment deals emails regarding our latest deals and opportunity’s.
If you’re interested in any of our deals please follow the details in the email provided and contact us on the number shown.

If you want to secure a property deal we request the finders fee to be paid in full before we put you in contact with the landlord for your viewing, we will also need you to sign our terms and conditions and gather some information from you regarding where you have got the funds from and some basic information about yourself.

Once you’ve paid the finders fee and have secured the property we will hold your monies in our client account, we give all our investors a 14 day money back guarantee where if you come across any issues with the deal we will refund you from our client account and you can have 100% of your money back.
We take pride in any deal we source so we have very few if any complaints.

Our number one priority is customer satisfaction so when you work with us you know you will be in safe hands.
To sign up to our deals click the button below.

Guaranteed Rent

Here at GGS property we’re always looking for opportunity’s to rent properties in city centre locations, we would use the property for our business uses, we cover all bills, maintenance costs and guarantee you your rent for the property over a period of 3-5+ years.

we would love to hear from you if you think your property would suit, please click the button below and fill out our contact form.

We are a fully compliant property sourcing company